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In the demanding environment of the corporate world, managers are confronted with complex decisions on a daily basis. Combined with intense interpersonal dynamics and the pressure to always be at their best. Not an easy task, where the loneliness and visibility of a senior management position is added to the mix. The resulting pressure can become a rat race that triggers exhaustion and constant stress. This makes it increasingly difficult to respond to current challenges. The basis for your own actions – leading yourself – often falls by the wayside. My coaching offers you a space to turn to yourself and grow as a leader.

Guidance on an equal footing

In coaching, I am a companion for your personal development processes. I offer you a safe framework, outside of your day-to-day business, in which you can reflect on yourself as a leader. In dialogue with me and by jointly exploring your development opportunities, new perspectives and possibilities for self-awareness open up. The coaching sessions are designed to give you the opportunity to better understand your own patterns and needs and to authentically develop your individual leadership style. I focus on self-perception and awareness development. The result is an intense process in which hidden things become more visible and I support you as you enter uncharted territory.

At the heart of leadership lies the art of self-development -
I accompany you in discovering and understanding your personal patterns

Relevant questions for executives

  • What leadership challenge is currently pushing you to your limits?
  • What limits have you been at for a long time?
  • How are you reacting emotionally and through your actions?
  • What impact does your current situation have on your decisions, your leadership relationships and your motivation?
  • What expectations of yourself or others are you facing?
  • What would you like to change or get rid of as a result?
  • What feedback and self-knowledge would you like to receive?

Important aspects of collaboration:

  • Who is meant by "Executives"?

    Executives are all Senior Managers of a company management: Managing Directors, Entrepreneurs, Board members, C-level, Division Managers, Top Management, etc…

  • Who have I already worked with?

    I have coaching experience with people from a wide range of roles, industries and company sizes: Owners, entrepreneurs, C-levels, managing directors, senior doctors, divisional managers, staff unit managers, project managers, team leaders, freelancers and top athletes from Olympic squads.

  • Where does the coaching take place?

    I work with you in my coaching rooms in Bamberg or in Frankfurt. This ensures that we can focus our full attention on your concerns. And you have time to digest afterwards.

  • Is virtual coaching also possible?

    Virtual coaching sessions are possible after we have met in person. I prefer personal live contact with you.

  • How long does a coaching session take?

    A coaching session usually lasts 90-120 minutes.

  • How many coaching sessions should I plan for?

    Every coaching process is unique. In my experience, 8-15 appointments take place every 3-4 weeks. Often with a tighter rhythm and more appointments at the beginning, then with a greater distance as the process progresses.

  • What methods do I work with?

    My coachees are used to sit on different chairs, reflecting on our contact and re-enacting their situation with figures/cushions/objects in the room. It may sound strange at first – the key is that we bring your current situation to life.

    My methods are collected from the following areas: gestalt work, systemic coaching, emotion-focused methods, body- and mindfulness-orientated methods, trauma and crisis management and transactional analysis.

    Another basis of my work is the metatheory of change by Klaus Eidenschink (Hephaistos Coaching Centre Munich).

  • In which languages do coaching sessions take place?

    I speak German and English.

  • What is important to me when working with you?

    Above all, our trusting collaboration. You don’t get any generalised concepts or recipes from me, but I pay particular attention to what you need individually, how our relationship is developing and where our joint process is heading. Carefulness and joint interim reflections help us to harmonise and fine-tune.



I have worked with clients from various industries and company sizes:



Bischof + Klein








Internationaler Bund





Radio Bremen

Rehau Group / Meraxis

Schnellecke Logistics


Stadt Nürnberg



in collaboration with co-operation partners

Oliver supports me optimally in my self-development as a leader and team manager. Thanks to his empathetic and calm approach, he is able to guide me perfectly in my development topics. Oliver’s clarity helps me to set the right focus in my personal development. I particularly appreciate his ability to lure me out of my comfort zone with his “likeable tenacity” and to address my challenges. Thank you for supporting my personal growth!

Director Group Procurement - packaging manufacturer

I would describe my coaching experience with Oliver König as follows: He is the faithful soul during the process, the mindful sparring partner with a gentle grip on the mirror for his own dynamics and a collegial support in professional topics. I can only recommend it!

Managing director of a consulting firm

Within a very short time, Oliver König gave me the right tools to “grow into” my new leadership role. With Oliver’s help, I have grown steadily. The experiences and insights were life-changing and have triggered an important personal process that has enabled me to find a new approach to my thinking and feeling. Through the coaching, I have gained a more confident demeanour and more self-confidence in my leadership style and have learned to be proud of what I have achieved. I attribute this to the great interpersonal level and the trusting dialogue that has always accompanied this very productive collaboration.

Editorial manager in public broadcasting

Oliver König is an excellent counsellor and coach. He has a special gift for empathising with client systems and illuminating the possible effects of interventions. Our coaching gave me a great deal of clarity and orientation for my own self-management in OD/change processes. A real role model for systemic counselling.

Head of International Talent Management & Leadership Development - Logistics Group

Oliver König has been an important companion for me within a merger process of two trade associations. With his calm and confident manner, he made complex and sometimes hectic processes more accessible and thus helped to keep the goals in focus. I particularly appreciated the way he dovetailed the respective operational challenges with scientific methods and generally applicable findings.

Managing director of an association in the construction industry

Mr König takes an emphatic, calm and relaxed approach to the given challenges and develops solutions and possible steps together with the customer under expert guidance. In my change to divisional manager, this helped me a lot to arrive more solidly and calmly and to start in a targeted manner. Mr König made it easier for me to find my feet, took away my anxieties and made me calmer in my actions.

Division Manager in the construction industry

Mr König successfully supported me in a trusting atmosphere through attentive listening and a structured approach to help me adjust to my new management position as Head of Development. The mix of leadership methods and the discussion of my own case studies helped me a lot to expand my possibilities for action in difficult situations. The coaching was very personalised and gave me confidence in dealing with challenging situations in my day-to-day work.

Head of Development - Automotive Supplier

Mr König was recommended to me when I was suffering from my superior at my workplace. With his very empathetic and professional manner, he helped me to position myself successfully towards her and to limit my damage. Thanks to Mr König’s expert support, I can look back on this situation positively today. And I am still fascinated by the breadth of his knowledge and the application of helpful tools in the field of professional and personal coaching.

Senior doctor in development aid

I can highly recommend Oliver König as a consultant for coaching! His clarity, inner calm and intuition in particular characterise his professionalism. He helped me to reflect on previous difficult or negative leadership experiences and reconnected me with my resources. I was able to let go of something that had inhibited and preoccupied me for a long time. Thanks to the coaching, I now have greater self-control with regard to my job prospects and options for my upcoming change of industry. Despite the corona-related online format, Oliver König managed to create a trusting and personal atmosphere wonderfully.

Education manager in the university sector

As part of an internal Management Development Program at REHAU/Meraxis I was able to go through a coaching with Mr. Oliver König. The coaching turned out to be challenging and rewarding at the same time. The coach’s empathic approach and practical strategies helped me to grow professionally and personally. I highly recommend this program and coaching for anyone seeking meaningful growth and lasting change.

Product Manager - REHAU/Meraxis

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