Oliver König

Oliver König

  • Teaching coach for Coaching + Teamcoaching – Hephaistos Coaching Center Munich
  • Senior Coach and Head of Regional Group Northern Bavaria at the “German Federal Coaching Association” – DBVC e.V.
  • Senior Coach at the “International Organisation for Business Coaching” – IOBC
  • Study programmes: M.A. “Educational Management” + B.A. “Adult Education, Psychology, Sociology”
  • Living in partnership, one daughter

Current focus of consulting activities

  • Consulting and coaching the top management of large corporations and medium-sized companies on organisational development and the development of executive and management teams
  • Coaching managers in their personal development in leadership labs
  • Coaching managers in complex and personally challenging decision-making situations


My own consulting style is based on many years of training and experience in systemic consulting, organisational and leadership psychology, group dynamics, humanistic psychotherapy methods, systems theory and organisational development.

My many years of experience in change processes allow me to quickly grasp complex situations and get to the heart of the matter. I like to find pragmatic solutions together and test them in practice.

My experience in the emergency services, my many years of Zen and contemplation practice, my passion for two-wheelers and the idea of peace and democracy in the world have shaped me.

Further training

2022-2024 Hephaistos Coaching Centre: Masterclass Coaching with Klaus Eidenschink
2019-2022 Benediktushof: Intensive training in mindfulness and meditation
2018 Next U: Agile organisational development + collegial leadership
2017 Institute for Systemic Consulting Wiesloch: Master
2017 IDEO: Human Centered Design – Design Thinking
2016 Matthias zur Bonsen: Dynamic Facilitation + Wisdom Council
2015 Otto Scharmer – MITx: Theory U: Transforming Business, Society and Self
2009-2012 Institute for Systemic Counselling Wiesloch: Junior Professionals / Coaching and Team Development II
2008-2010 Ruth Cohn Institute for TCI international: Basic training in theme-centred interaction
2008 Argo Institute: Transactional analysis foundation course
1995-2007 Diverse qualifications in group leadership, rescue services and outdoor training

Professional experiences

since 2015 Oliver König – Specialist for dialogue and change
2013-2016 Project manager at the Institute for Systemic Consulting Wiesloch
2012-2014 M.A.-Studied education management at the University of Education in Ludwigsburg
2011-2012 Personnel developer at Teambank AG in Nuremberg
2009-2012 Lecturer at the Cooperative State University in Stuttgart
2007-2010 B.A.-Studied educational science, adult education, psychology and sociology at the University of Tübingen
2007-2014 Freelance trainer
2003-2007 Paramedic and emergency rescuer at Johanniter Unfall-Hilfe e. V. in Nuremberg
1995-2003 Leading youth groups, camps, training courses and committees in the Protestant youth organisation in Nuremberg


I am

  • awake
  • quick
  • focussed
  • structured
  • sympathetic
  • experimental
  • free (in thought)
  • carefully ruthless
  • heartfelt and approachable
  • capable of complex thinking

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